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  • Bernie (Thursday, February 27 14 08:20 am GMT)

    I have had Lipo Laser on the top half of my legs to treat cellulite and then treatment with RF.
    This treatment has been a complete success - 100% in 8 session, I would recommend this to anyone with cellulite.

  • Jane (Thursday, February 27 14 08:18 am GMT)

    I had a taster session for Lipo on my legs, then did a course of 6 sessions using both lipo laser and RF.
    I feel so much more confidence and I am ready to go on holiday. I've never worn a bikini before but I will now!!!
    I am going to carry on with treatment after my holiday on other areas of my body.

  • Anon (Thursday, June 20 13 12:44 pm BST)

    "I am a 36 year old female (small build) and I decided to give Laser Lipo a go to tighten up my tummy area and to improve the appearance of the cellulite on my bum! I also have 2 Lipoma's (fatty
    lumps) one about 50mm in size and the other much smaller. After 2 sessions I have a much tighter tummy (2 inches have gone!) and she has also worked on my Lipoma's. To my amazement the large Lipoma
    on my arm halved in size after the first session and reduced in size again after the second session. I was considering surgery to have it removed so I am totally thrilled with the results and can't
    wait to have more sessions to eliminate the cellulite on my bum and hopefully eradicate the Lipoma's for good! Totally amazing! Thanks so much!"

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